AccessWatch Takes Blogging More Seriously!

In January 2006, I began a podcast associated with the AccessWatch site. Toward the end of the year the podcast stalled a bit and I decided

at the first of this year to go to a magazine-style monthly podcast. I am finding even this approach a bit difficult considering my work

schedule and other commitments. In addition, I have switched RSS services twice, starting with Libsyn then moving to Live Journal.

I have recently been playing with WordPress and really like it. I have set up a new AccessWatch blog on Word Press. Having told you all this,

here is where we stand today.

I will definitely continue to produce audio reviews of specific products that I feel warrant it. I will most likely do more blogging as I

find it increasingly interesting. I will put all of my blog entries on WordPress along with all audio files. I will continue to put notices

of audio reviews on Live Journal for a while as well. I may or may not continue the full-fledged magazine-style podcast; most likely it will

go away very soon.

If you’re tired of subscribing to new AccessWatch feeds, just keep your RSS reader or podcatching program pointed to the following URL:
If you would like to see how my attempts at blogging turn out, and if you want to be sure of receiving all of the AccessWatch content

including new review alerts as I remember to post them, please point your RSS program to the following URL:
If you just want to read the blog from the web, go to the following URL:

I am as tired of switching services as you are of resubscribing every six months, so WordPress will be where the real action is for the

forseeable future. If you read either blog, but especially if you are interested in what is going on with the WordPress blog, please leave

comments. This will encourage me greatly.

Also, remember to listen to the AccessWatch software review aired each week on ACB Radio’s Main Menu program. My thanks to Jeff Bishop for

allowing me to do this. I really enjoy it.

Take care and have a great week.

Jamie Pauls


One Response to “AccessWatch Takes Blogging More Seriously!”

  1. Petro Says:

    Great idea with the blog. Will make it easier to follow the reviews.

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