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The First Ever AccessWatch Tutorial Is Here!

August 23, 2007

This first AccessWatch tutorial covers the use of the
Rhapsody music service.
There are eight MP3 files provided in the .zip archive, totaling some 82 minutes
of information. Topics include:
Overview of the tutorial
Description of the Rhapsody music service including types of accounts available
Setting up a Rhapsody account
Downloading Jaws scripts for Rhapsody
Downloading an accessible version of the Rhapsody desktop application
Exploring the desktop application and the web interface with both Jaws and Window-Eyes
Searching for and playing tracks with both Jaws and Window-Eyes
Purchasing tracks and burning them to CD
Topics which may be covered in future updates to the tutorial
The cost of the tutorial is $9.95. After you click on the Pay Pal button , you
will immediately be taken to a link where you can download the zip file. Anyone who
purchases the tutorial will be eligible for any and all updates that come out in
the future. You will be notified by e-mail when these updates become available and
will be given a link to download them.
Go to and move to the AccessWatch Tutorials section which is a level 3 heading. From there you can purchase the tutorial.