Review For Kaspersky Antivirus version 2007

Average Rating: 1 Based On 2 Reviews
Date: March 01, 2008, 2:29:23pm
computer: Laptop
operating system: Windows XP Home
screen reader: JAWS 9
rating: 1
comments: This mini review is to basically tell you that, if you like to change settings,
or basically do anything at all with your antivirus or security suite, Kaspersky
is definitely not for you. This program is a full internet security suite, but there’s
really hardly anything to go on as a blind person. You can install the program, but
when you open it via the programs menue, even if you use your other cursors, you
can’t move to anything. There is a system tray icon, but the only option in it was
about kaspersky, you can’t even get to the settings to start a scan, check for updates
or change firewall settings. It will run in the background for you though, and I
know some blind people just bought it and have it on, but I’ve got no idea what they’ll
do if they become infected if the window is inaccessible, nor even if they’ll be
notified in an accessible way that they were infected. I was so disappointed with
this program, that I didn’t even try and see what happens when I try and access the
internet with aplications, to see how the firewall would react. Really sad story
of a totally inaccessible program, this program is really utter rubbish.


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