Reviews For AVG Anti-Virus version 7.5

Average Rating: 5 Based On 1 Reviews
Date: March 02, 2008, 6:45:21pm
computer: Dell Inspiron
operating system: Windows Vista Home
screen reader: JAWS version 9.0.552U
rating: 5
comments: AVG Antivirus has now been updated to version 7.5, and from what I can
tell the program is basically no different from earlier versions. There has been
some tweaking of the virus definitions and other minor enhancements. The program
may be downloaded for free from
http:// Click on the Downloads link and you should find it straight
away. I had to hunt around and have assistance at Grisoft’s website, but I could
independently download the program at the other website.
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One Response to “Reviews For AVG Anti-Virus version 7.5”

  1. Donna Hill Says:

    I have had AVG for over a year and it runs a full scan every day at start up. Yesterday, I upgraded from Jaws 8 to Jaws 9 and I have had four errors from AVG so far and it didn’t do it’s daily scan today. I get the errors when I open AVG and have not been able to make any settings in it. Any suggestions?

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