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The Exciting News I Promised Yesterday

December 12, 2007

I told you yesterday about some exciting news I wanted to share with you but was not at liberty to divulge at the time. Well now I can tell you that I am the new moderator of the Victor Reader Stream discussion list. Whether you are interested in purchasing a Stream or you already own one and want to visit with other users about how to more efficiently use it, this list may be of help. Send a message to with the word subscribe in the subject.


The First Ever AccessWatch Tutorial Is Here!

August 23, 2007

This first AccessWatch tutorial covers the use of the
Rhapsody music service.
There are eight MP3 files provided in the .zip archive, totaling some 82 minutes
of information. Topics include:
Overview of the tutorial
Description of the Rhapsody music service including types of accounts available
Setting up a Rhapsody account
Downloading Jaws scripts for Rhapsody
Downloading an accessible version of the Rhapsody desktop application
Exploring the desktop application and the web interface with both Jaws and Window-Eyes
Searching for and playing tracks with both Jaws and Window-Eyes
Purchasing tracks and burning them to CD
Topics which may be covered in future updates to the tutorial
The cost of the tutorial is $9.95. After you click on the Pay Pal button , you
will immediately be taken to a link where you can download the zip file. Anyone who
purchases the tutorial will be eligible for any and all updates that come out in
the future. You will be notified by e-mail when these updates become available and
will be given a link to download them.
Go to and move to the AccessWatch Tutorials section which is a level 3 heading. From there you can purchase the tutorial.

AccessWatch Update for Friday!

June 8, 2007

Greetings all. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but AccessWatch is still alive and well.

Below is a post from BookShare that may be of interest. Have a great weekend.

Don’t Miss the Opening of the Bookshare Chat Room Today!

Would you like to learn more about all aspects of Bookshare? Would you like to meet others who contribute so much to the thriving organization that continues to bring the gift of reading to hundreds of people? Would you like to get specific answers to questions about how to do a better job of scanning and/or validating books for the collection? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you will not want to miss the initial launch of the Bookshare Chat Room at 1:00 p.m. Pacific, 2:00 p.m. Mountain, 3:00 p.m.
Central, and 4:00 p.m. Eastern. There is no charge and everyone interested in reading is invited.

to attend and share ideas, get answers to questions immediately, and form a community of friends with a common interest without leaving your home or office, go to:

If this is the first time you have entered a Talking Communities chat room, you will need to install and then run the Talkcom software. It is very small and safe to install on your computer.

When the installation is complete, return to the sign-in screen and select the Enter Room button. Enter your first and last name, Leave the Password field blank.
tab to the log in button, and press Enter.

You will then be in the chat room and can begin talking with others in the room by pressing and holding down the Control key.

All you need to attend is a PC running Windows 2000 or later, an Internet connection, a sound card, and speakers. A microphone will be needed to allow you to interact audibly with each other. If, however, you do not have a microphone, text chatting will be available.

You can personally record each session. This will enable you to capture the event on your own computer for future reference and note taking.

Tell all your friends to join us.

The Bookshare Chat Room is made possible by the Accessible World in partnership with Talking Communities.

See you there!


Friday AccessWatch Update

April 20, 2007

Greetings all:

Welcome to the Friday AccessWatch Update! I would like to thank those who have e-mailed me regarding this new blog. Also, Thanks to Dean Martineau for mentioning the new blog in this week’s issue of Top Tech Tidbits for


It has been brought to my attention that at least one person has been having difficulty leaving comments on this blog. If you are also

experiencing this problem, please e-mail me at the following address:

Window-Eyes 6.1 has now been officially released as most of you probably already know.

Lastly, a new review has been added for Yahoo Messenger version 6.0.
Read it here.

Be sure to check back periodically to see what else appears on this blog. Until next Friday’s update, have a great week.